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Talks .

Dynamic conversations.

Fun examples.

But all my lectures are born on journalistic interviews and researchs.

I organize data and deliver what is relevant to you or your partners.

Face-to-face or digital format.

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My researchs today


Who buys what at the end of the lockdown

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The Civilization of the Indoor Show

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@projetovidaprivada: how an idea is born

350 photographed bathrooms and, in each one, a different pose. What are the sparks that unlock creativity and how to develop copyright projects without fear.

Talk or Workshop


What to say and what not to say in the media.

Five years, more than 2000 architects interviewed. Throughout this period, I analyzed the secrets of those who communicate well. And the easiest problems to avoid when speaking and writing.

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Âncora 1

Assessing the buying curves and online searches of countries that are in the process of opening can help to understand how our near future will be. And the news is good for the home.

The house became a real cocoon. Outside experiences are limited. When the "banal everyday" takes over the media and lives invade all residences, where is our real privacy?

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