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Learn. Teach. Learn.

Teach. Learn. Teach.

This is the cycle.

Short biography.

I am a journalist, graduated at ECA / USP. I defended a Master's Degree at FEA / USP, in 2000 - on business communication. But I made my life writing about LIVING. For 24 years, I had an Editora Abril's badge - I was a reporter for CASA CLAUDIA and ARQUITETURA & CONSTRUÇÃO magazines. As the publisher of this printed publications, I saw the digital world grow. In 2000, I went to the CERSAIE Fair in Bologna with a laptop that weighed

10 kilos and a camera with memory for just eight photos. I knew these were transitory limitations and I have always believed in the potential of the world on screens. So, in 2005, I was a content editor on the team that set up the CASA.COM.BR website - the portal quickly became a leader in Portuguese.

In 2015 I created TV CASA show, a daily live program. In the same year, it was absorbed by CASACOR, an architecture show, and became TV CASACOR ao VIVO. Interviews with architects were the main focus of this inspiration program. In five years, I did more than 3000 videos , which include coverage of fairs and international events. I visited the Milan Design Week six times, went to Maison & Objet, in Paris, and to the Kortrijk Architecture Biennial (Belgium). Ingo Maurer, Alessandro Mendini, Sou Fujimoto, Oki Sato, Philippe Starck, Patrízia Urquiola, Rossana Orlandi, Nika Zupanc, Maarten Bass, Marcel Wanders, Nelly Rodi, Li Edelkort, Vincent Grégoire, Edward Van Vliet, Xavier Lust, Laura Bethan Wood, Laura Baldessari and Maarten de Ceulaer are some of the international names I interviewed on video. So many adventures were possible because I was fortunate enough to work with great colleagues, such as Elda Muller, Roberto Dimbério, Lívia Pedreira and Pedro Ariel.

Passionate about languages ​​(and addicted to "college"), after my Master, I got my second university degree in French Language and Literature, at USP. And ... now ... after a new entrance exam, I am in the third one: Chinese Language and Literature, at the same institution. I speak and write fluently in Italian, French and English. I also studied Spanish and German (although with this last language I don't go beyond nouns without declination and few verbs).

I write short stories. And I've won some prizes - when there were still literature awards.

Since 2015, I take performance pictures in bathrooms. @projetovidaprivada is a study on the privacy symbologies and the concepts of the individual being. It is also a form of ironic and sensual self-expression of my restless mind that insists on having fun all the time. Learn more about the Private Life Project .

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